Top 2020 Marketing Trends

We’re halfway through the year and, now more than ever, businesses need to make sure their marketing is operating using the latest trends. If you aren’t sure where to start with educating yourself on marketing, here’s a quick list to get you started:

Social Media Marketing

#1 Social Stories Take on a Lead Role

Social media stories (like on Facebook or Instagram) have become a new focus for marketers as they battle dealing with algorithms. The short video clip format has become more and more popular ever since Snapchat or Vine (R.I.P.) brought it onto the scene. Although it started as more of a youthful role amongst the younger generation making quick or viral videos, it has quickly become one of the fastest growing media trends since the adoption of Facebook and Instagram stories. Besides the popularity of the video content itself that you can put out, another great feature is the ability to insert polls and questions – allowing marketers to interact better with their audience and increase follower engagement. It is very clear that in 2020, more and more brands will continue to adopt the use of stories. Pro-Tip: Make sure to share every post you’re putting out to your story. This simple step can mean you posts are getting seen at a higher rate.

#2 It’s Time You Talk to Your Local Influencers

Consumers often feel their privacy is being intruded upon and are seeking information that is authentic and trustworthy. This trend towards wanting realness behind a brand (vs. in-your-face PPC ads) has led to an increase in influencer marketing. People are searching for something real and seem to have found it when they are engaging with a respected, well-known person they can relate with in their region or following. Now, digital marketers have bumped up their budgets to cover influencer marketing after proven success behind social media campaigns.

When you are developing your strategy for influencer marketing, you must consider what type of content you want them to create and portray for your business, product or brand. Find an influencer with a similar target audience (ask for a press kit to get a better idea of who they are, their past promotions, and who their followers are).  

Make sure to track campaign successes like engagement, shares, follows, saves, etc. so you know if you had a return on investment or what you can do similarly/differently for future influencer campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

#1 Google’s Featured Snippets Get More Clicks

Google has changed in recent years to deliver a more quality search experience for the user. One important way they have managed to do so is through Featured Snippets. Featured Snippets appear above the #1 organic search. To fully take advantage of this feature and maximize clicks to your website, you must provide clear answers to the commonly asked questions that lead customers to your website. These Featured Snippets are then evaluated and boosted to the top of the search feed depending on their quality and relevance (which Google has an excellent algorithm for determining). This trend is not one to be taken lightly; as nearly 55% of clicks from Google come from Featured Snippets – just reinforcing the fact that they are the driver of more than half of search engine clicks.

#2 Secure Your Dang Website

User safety is one trend that has less to do with SEO but more to do with user experience and optimization. If a user does not feel safe clicking on and opening a web page than the likelihood of them staying on the site for long amounts of time drops drastically. If the site is “not secure,” the user will either not decide to proceed to using your page or you will begin to notice high bounce rates that will eventually affect your business’ website functionality.

It is incredibly important to enable HTTPS protocol for your site; this gives website users a secure and authentic connection. According to Google, HTTPS, “helps prevent intruders from tampering with the communications between your websites and your users’ browsers.” Because Google wants to ensure its users with a secure browsing experience, an addition of HTTPS will lead to a minor boost to your SEO. Not only that, but as people are utilizing voice search more than ever, Siri will be more likely to pull up sites that are secured (https://) vs. unsecured (vs. http://).

Content Creation

#1 Write with Purpose

As the online world grows, an increasing number of marketers and content creators are understanding the growing need for high quality content. Remember: QUALITY versus quantity. Marketers must have a greater understanding of exactly what their target audience needs so they can create clear messaging. Branding strategy sessions will help your business have clearer messaging, target audience profiles, and more that you can hand over to your Marketing team. When you provide a solution for clear messaging, your content yields a better return and can create potential leads for your business.

#2 Video Content Dominates

Since 2019, marketers have experienced video content dominating social media platforms. Here are some impacts that may inspire you to get that video content created:

92% of users who view video content on social media are sharing what they see with others. HELLO... free shares = free exposure/marketing. Check your insights on video posts on instagram to see how many people are saving, sharing, or engaging with your content. Did you know? Video content can actually generate 1,200% more shares than simple text/image posts.

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by watching a video than simply reading about it. These days there is SO much noise around social media posts. Oftentimes, businesses are getting lost in the algorithms. When you put out highly engaged with content like video, you’re able to better capture your audience’s attention to promote a product or service.

85% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool (Hubspot). If you’re the 15%, chances are you’re performing below your competitors. Invest in efforts that will yield the highest return. A well made video can be reused for several posts, plugged into/throughout your website, and can be used for email campaigns or building up social channels like YouTube.

Video killed the radio star and has been the way of the future for decades now. With social media, it’s easier to implement getting your video out to audiences than ever before. Snag a ring light from amazon, get a tripod for your phone or hire professional videographers. Whatever it is you’re doing for video, just make sure the sound/video quality is high-level. The sooner you jump on the video bandwagon, the sooner you get the upper hand on your competitors.

If you’re looking for more information on how to elevate your marketing tactics this year through a branding strategy session or social media marketing, contact Sage Marketing today.

Article Written by Hudson Haas, Marketing Intern at Sage Marketing.