The Covid-19 Era: Marketing Trends & How to Keep up

Weeks have turned into months and businesses have been forced to adjust to the uncertainty of the financial market caused by COVID-19. The new reality of the prolonged pandemic has caused workers in all fields to pack up and work from home. Some states have begun lifting precautionary measures and others are enforcing new ones; it is important to stay up to date on the latest information so your business can thrive.

Make sure you are taking safety guidelines seriously.

No matter what industry you are in, customers want to know that the place they are doing business with is acting in a safe and healthy manner. As you are voicing the precautionary measures you are taking, address the situation with empathy and transparency. Remember: people feel very vulnerable right now. Stick to your word and your core values. 

Make your products or business available everywhere.

Online shopping is at an all time high, and it is here to stay well after the pandemic. With COVID leaving most people inside their homes, customers are finding new ways to shop through social media sites like Instagram or relying on websites to stay connected to their favorite products. Focus on having a mobile-friendly website where customers may purchase your product or easily contact you about your service.

Associate your brand with good.

One way to keep customers loyal is to build a positive relationship with the community. During a time of uncertainty when the world is struggling, small acts of generosity and goodness go a long way. This could be something as small as a discount for essential workers or volunteering time or resources to a local cause/non-profit.

Update your digital marketing.

With less social interaction being done in person, people are turning towards the internet. Pull in your customers with these 5 trends: Interactive Content, Artificial Intelligence, SEO, Social Commerce, and PPC Advertisements. Make sure your social sites are being nurtured so you’re staying in front of customers and supporting your sales team who may be relying on social selling tactics more than ever before.

By being adaptable and embracing new and upcoming trends, your business can thrive through this pandemic and well after. While business as we knew it 5 months ago has changed, the values and qualities one provides remain the same. Have questions or need support during this time? Our clients have all boosted profit during COVID-19 as a result of their marketing strategies! Let’s help your business weather this storm so you can see similar results.