Marketing Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Article Written by Gabriela Antenore, Marketing Intern at Sage Marketing.

Healthcare marketing is the process of attracting potential patients through different marketing channels and strategies. Specific examples include social media marketing, print marketing, email marketing and more. The key for high-level healthcare marketing is to create a highly segmented and distinguished target audience. Healthcare marketers can measure the success of their work through metrics that align with return on investment (ROI) and various key performance indicators (KPIs).  In order to clearly relay this to the patient/customer, you must know what puts your company or brand on top. We’ve created a list of helpful ideas for handling your healthcare marketing. 

Build a Patient Journey Map

Any industry can benefit from building a client journey and healthcare is no different. Building a patient journey begins with creating an outline of the patient’s needs. It examines how and why clients/patients make the decisions they do and the way they will interact with businesses. This gives you the ability to plan ahead and prepare for any obstacles. Also referred to as Patient Journey Maps, healthcare marketers can use this technique to implement various programs and processes for current patients and to attract potential ones. 

What else does a patient journey help with? It can improve both pre- and post-clinical engagement. It allows the healthcare system to build a trusting and long-term relationship with the patient. It also helps professionals to identify and fix issues that may be hindering the customer’s commitment.

Provide Value to Your Target Audience

Knowing who your target audience is (and what they respond to) will allow you to effectively tailor your marketing efforts to better fit their needs. Ensure that your values are communicated to the customer at every touchpoint. A perspective from Professor Victor Purcarea at the Journal of Medicine and Life claims that, “modern marketers start from customers rather than from products or services. They are more interested in building a sustainable relationship, than in ensuring a single transaction. Their aim is to create a high level of consumer satisfaction so that they return to the same supplier” (US National Library of Medicine). A compelling marketing approach connects the patient’s needs through an in-depth investigation and offers new health services that the patient may not have known about.

Fine Tune Your Branding Strategy

Do your research. Before beginning the lengthy process of rebranding, conduct research about your target. This will teach you exactly what customers want and expect to see from you. After collecting data, you can pinpoint the brand strategy that will be the most effective. Use this to bring your brand back to life. Focus on what you provide for patients and how to best serve them rather than the specifics of research studies. 

Consistency is key. That’s why it is vital for your branding to be clean and consistent. Messaging and visual elements (aka your brand identity) should accurately represent your organization. Existing and potential patients want to see similar tones and aesthetics across the board- you don’t need to reinvent the wheel on every platform. The audience on these various platforms will have different expectations, but tailoring to them will save you both time and money.

Collaborate with Internal Stakeholders

Don’t forget the people who make your company what it is. In order for physicians, receptionists, and other team members to authentically represent your company, they must support your brand! Word of mouth can be make it or break it in marketing, don’t skimp on this crucial area. Internal stakeholders are your real working brand ambassadors. They talk to the patients that support and keep your business going. Taking the time and effort to get to know each position will build long-term relationships and protect your brand value. 

Do you have questions about your healthcare marketing? Contact Sage Marketing today. We offer a wide variety of marketing services along with marketing consulting that will give you and your team expert marketing direction. 

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