Social Media Updates: Instagram Keywords & Twitter’s Fleets

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about 2020, it’s to stay nimble which means we’re constantly on the scan for new information, trends, or advances in Marketing. In the latest update to social media, Instagram now offers keyword searching and Twitter has joined the story bandwagon with their feature called “Fleets.”

Yesterday, Instagram announced its change in search functionality that will allow users the ability to search specific keywords (versus just relying on usernames, hashtags, and location searches). Instagram must be taking notes from Google as it is slowly integrating search engine characteristics.

Image Sourced from Instagram

So basically… finding content relevant to your interests just got easier. Looking for baking recipes? Simply type in “baking recipes” and you’ll be shown a whole collection of recipe options from a variety of accounts. That being said, this is still a new concept so Instagram has notified users that (at least for now) keyword searches will be “limited to general interest topics and keywords.” How will Instagram gather the content for searches? They will rank search results based on things like “type of content, captions, when it was posted,” etc. along with utilizing algorithm calculations to help pull the most relevant content based on each individual user.

This change (along with Instagram’s Collection feature where people can save posts into custom folders) also signals an entry into competing with platforms like Pinterest where folks can create folders and save content to their corresponding customized categories.

Instagram has been BIG on rolling out the changes in 2020. Instagram’s other update this year where in-app shopping capabilities are now a feature which will likely greatly increase users’ time spent on the app. We’re sure there’s more to come in the new year, but, so far, we like where Instagram is headed.

Twitter, now boasting more than 330 MILLION users, is also looking at being a serious competitor when it comes to the world of “stories” (a feature that sprang from the app SnapChat). This follows, LinkedIn who recently started offering the feature in their app so it was time Twitter came on board. “Fleets” (as Twitter is calling the feature) allows users to share text, reposted tweets, and photos that will disappear after 24 hours.

Twitter developers created the feature in an effort to sway folks from leaving tweets in draft-mode. Fleets are pinned to the top of timelines and are only visible on the mobile app (at least for now). Twitter is encouraging their users to take advantage of “fleeting moments” to share that content they’d normally leave in draft and not necessarily get out in a tweet.

“‘The main reason for this is that it creates a lower-pressure way for people to join the conversation,’ said Joshua Harris, a company director of design, noting that there are no public likes or comments on fleets.” Apparently, the idea is to spark one-on-one conversation.

Like any new feature, the functionality still have some improvements to be made. Don’t expect to have the same story capabilities that you do on other social media platforms. Eventually, they will implement live stories along with stickers that folks can react with, but for now it’s pretty simple.

“The social network is also experimenting with audio. This year it debuted voice tweets, and now the company is piloting a feature called spaces. This feature would allow users to host private voice calls with individuals or groups. It’s still early in development” (NPR).

So what do you think? What is your favorite social media app/feature to use personally versus for your business?