Sage Marketing’s Case Study with HealthFirst Bluegrass: A Partnership for Inclusive Healthcare

HealthFirst Bluegrass, a Federally-Qualified Health Center, embodies the mission of “Health Care for All,” serving individuals regardless of financial, insurance, or accessibility status. Their commitment to high-quality healthcare aims to improve community life quality and healthcare outcomes.

Choosing Sage Marketing

HealthFirst Bluegrass chose to partner with Sage Marketing due to our team’s exceptional expertise and background in healthcare marketing. Our CEO, Julia Blake, is a Forbes-awarded leader with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, having started her career in healthcare. HealthFirst Bluegrass needed a proactive, customized team that would ask the right questions and take on the role of their non-existent marketing department.

Strategy and Impact

The collaboration between Sage Marketing and HealthFirst Bluegrass is fueled by ambitious objectives designed to amplify community engagement, fortify internal culture through DEI&B (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) initiatives, and support robust advocacy and vaccination campaigns. Our comprehensive strategy extends beyond traditional methods, focusing on developing inclusive marketing materials, offering Spanish-translated materials, and implementing multi-channel marketing strategies to ensure wide-reaching community engagement and improve service accessibility.


The enduring partnership between Sage Marketing and HealthFirst Bluegrass exemplifies how strategic marketing can elevate healthcare accessibility and community engagement. The collaboration, rooted in data-driven strategies and comprehensive community outreach, sets a dynamic path for future healthcare marketing initiatives. Some notable achievements include a 548.75% increase in website clicks, a 2,124.67% increase in organic reach, and a 637% increase in page impressions.

Dedicated Marketing Team

To achieve these expansive goals, Sage Marketing has assigned HealthFirst Bluegrass a custom marketing team, tailored specifically to meet and surpass the unique demands of the healthcare sector. This specialized team includes a Lead Strategist, Account Coordinator, Graphic Designer, Brand Photographer, Web Developer, Social Media Manager, and Content Writer/Copywriter. By assigning this dedicated team, Sage Marketing ensures that HealthFirst Bluegrass’s marketing strategy is not only comprehensive but also deeply integrated, with each role contributing to a unified goal: to enhance healthcare delivery and make a lasting impact on the community.

This approach exemplifies Sage Marketing’s commitment to not just meeting but exceeding the needs of healthcare organizations, showcasing our capacity to adapt, innovate, and lead in healthcare marketing. To learn more about Sage Marketing’s successful case study with HealthFirst Bluegrass, view the full case study or contact us today to schedule a discovery call.