The Mousetrap

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Marketing Direction

Julia Blake


Project Brief & Goals

The Mousetrap came to Sage Marketing with a concern of attracting a new audience to help their business grow online. We performed a psychographic and demographic survey to better understand their clientele. This resulted in valuable feedback; The Mousetrap even implemented their (now very successful) Grab 'n Go section after receiving a tip from a loyal customer in the survey.

Project Results

They've reported their highest grossing months/years since working with Sage, even during COVID! We helped implement campaigns like their small trays catering for Derby that was their highest grossing Derby weekend to date along with a Super Bowl campaign for 2021 (also the highest grossing campaign despite there being a pandemic). We have helped with event coordination for their annual Holiday Party and worked with local influencers to increase local awareness. Since working with Sage their social following has increased over 520% in less than a year! Additionally, we've worked with the team to launch a new brand interior, branded photography, delivery through DoorDash, PR for specials with Lexington Herald Leader, and more.


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Customer Surveys

When The Mousetrap came to Sage, they were fearful that they had an aging marketing supporting their business. We suggested a psychographic & demographic survey to better understand who their followers (and customers) really were and what motivated them. We uncovered valuable information, identified areas of growth, and even got feedback for the business like offering coffee and a Grab 'n Go section!

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"As the General Manager of the Mousetrap, I have had the pleasure of working with Julia and her team. They have been a wonderful boon to our business and have helped promote us to a demographic that we had not tapped into. If you are looking for motivated marketing, this is the place."

Chris Cox

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The Mousetrap Summer Menu 2020

Customer Ordering

When COVID hit, it was no surprise that the business needed to pivot quickly. We brought in our partners over at DoorDash for The Mousetrap to start offering delivery options to the local community. In an effort to avoid losing margin, we consulted The Mousetrap on delivery menu pricing and more! They now make a substantial amount of business through DoorDash (that results in a serious profit). Thanks to this and other efforts, The Mousetrap boasts a profitable year and their highest earning holiday sales to boot.

Social Media

The Mousetrap came to us with a seriously under supported social network. We worked to brand their Instagram and their Facebook pages to their business. We grew their follow count over 520% on all channels since working with them, been behind successful influencer marketing campaigns, and more!