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Sage Marketing enhanced brand consistency and effective strategy, increasing Friends of Coal's awareness and reach across their social platforms.

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client brief

Friends of Coal, a non-profit, endured an inefficient partnership with their previous marketing firm. The firm's frequent rotation of account managers resulted in constant rebriefing on their own account, leading to inconsistent branding and disjointed marketing efforts. Furthermore, irregular posting, the absence of analytics, and a lack of feedback left them in the dark regarding the return on investment for their marketing expenditures. When their previous marketing partner finally closed their doors, they were ready to engage with another firm and turned to Sage Marketing.

the game plan

To uplift Friends of Coal's social media presence, Sage Marketing began with a comprehensive approach. We conducted a brand audit of their social media channels, examining previous efforts and analyzing past analytics to identify areas for improvement.

Leveraging the expertise of our brand strategists, we crafted a tailored social media strategy that included refreshing the brand's look and feel. This involved creating a comprehensive brand guide to guide graphic design efforts, ensuring consistency across all visual elements.

To amplify their advertising initiatives, we designed and executed impactful social media campaigns. Our team also focused on enhancing copywriting to convey compelling messages and initiated proactive social engagement, managing their inbox to provide extended customer service support.

We meticulously mapped out a consistent content calendar to ensure regular and engaging posts, enabling Friends of Coal to stay at the forefront of their followers' feeds and encourage increased engagement.

the content

With a focus on reliability and affordability, Sage Marketing expertly crafted Friends of Coal's social media content to convey the crucial message that green energy is still dependent on coal.

As a non-profit, Friends of Coal passionately supports the future of the industry, aiming to dispel misconceptions and highlight its significance. Through compelling storytelling and data-driven campaigns, we showcased the vital role of coal in powering America and attracting manufacturing businesses to Kentucky.

By effectively communicating the economic benefits and job opportunities associated with the coal industry, Friends of Coal successfully positioned itself as a trusted advocate, driving support and fostering growth for this essential sector.

the results

In less than a year, Sage Marketing unleashed an extraordinary impact for Friends of Coal, harnessing a comprehensive approach that catapulted their social reach to new heights, ignited unparalleled engagement levels, and ignited an exhilarating surge in brand awareness.

gained 99K+ followers

reached 1.3M users

made 1.4M impressions

what's next?

Lobbyists, content campaigns, statewide ads, and awesome merch are just the beginning. We're revving up our marketing engines to ignite conversations and make waves.