revolutionizing healthcare access

Sage Marketing maintains a productive partnership with HealthFirst Bluegrass, aimed at redefining healthcare access in Lexington, Kentucky, focusing on underserved communities. This ongoing collaboration strives to enhance the provider's profile, optimize patient access, and widen the scope of services to marginalized groups.

revolutionizing healthcare access

Sage Marketing maintains a productive partnership with HealthFirst Bluegrass, aimed at redefining healthcare access in Lexington, Kentucky, focusing on underserved communities. This ongoing collaboration strives to enhance the provider's profile, optimize patient access, and widen the scope of services to marginalized groups.

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client brief

HealthFirst Bluegrass, a Federally-Qualified Health Center, embodies the "Healthcare for All" mission, serving all individuals regardless of financial, insurance, or accessibility status. The center’s inclusive approach and commitment to high-quality healthcare aim to improve community life quality and healthcare outcomes.

HealthFirst Bluegrass chose to partner with Sage Marketing due to our team's exceptional expertise in healthcare marketing. Sage Marketing leaders like our VP, Madeline Mele, is Shorty awarded and globally recognized for a top-performing campaign with UK Healthcare. Our CEO, Julia Blake, started her career in healthcare, even leading a medical study with one of the largest healthcare organizations on the west coast, Healthcare Partners. HealthFirst Bluegrass needed a proactive, customized team that would ask the right questions and take on the role of their non-existent marketing department.

healthfirst bluegrass objectives

The collaboration between Sage Marketing and HealthFirst Bluegrass is fueled by ambitious objectives designed to amplify community engagement, fortify internal culture through DEI&B (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) initiatives, and support robust advocacy and vaccination campaigns.

Our comprehensive strategy extends beyond traditional methods, focusing on developing inclusive marketing materials, also offering Spanish-translated materials, and implementing multi-channel marketing strategies to ensure wide-reaching community engagement and improve service accessibility.

the results

The enduring partnership between Sage Marketing and HealthFirst Bluegrass exemplifies how strategic marketing can elevate healthcare accessibility and community engagement. The collaboration, rooted in data-driven strategies and comprehensive community outreach, sets a dynamic path for future healthcare marketing initiatives.

548.75% increase in website clicks

2,124.67% increase in organic reach

637% increase in page impressions

sage strategies

To achieve these expansive goals, Sage Marketing has assigned HealthFirst Bluegrass a custom marketing team, tailored specifically to meet and surpass the unique demands of the healthcare sector. This specialized team includes:

Lead Strategist: Steering the campaign's direction, our Director of Brand Strategy ensures that all marketing efforts align with HealthFirst Bluegrass's overarching objectives, facilitating a cohesive and impactful approach.

Account Coordinator: Acting as the primary liaison between Sage Marketing and HealthFirst Bluegrass, the account coordinator ensures seamless communication and project synchronization, maintaining alignment with strategic goals and timelines.

Graphic Designer: Our creative powerhouse, the graphic designer, crafts visually compelling materials that resonate with the community, enhancing brand recognition and patient engagement.

Brand Photographer: Capturing the essence of HealthFirst Bluegrass, the brand photographer provides authentic and striking visuals that tell the story of the center’s impact, services, and community involvement.

Web Developer: Specializing in user experience, the web developer optimizes HealthFirst Bluegrass's online presence, ensuring the website is accessible, informative, and a conduit for patient engagement.

Social Media Manager: Driving digital engagement, the social media manager curates content that engages and educates the community, leveraging platforms to amplify reach and foster community dialogue.

Content Writer/Copywriter: Articulating HealthFirst Bluegrass's mission and services, our content writer crafts compelling narratives that connect with diverse audiences, ensuring clarity, inclusivity, and impact in all communications.

By assigning this dedicated team, Sage Marketing ensures that HealthFirst Bluegrass’s marketing strategy is not only comprehensive but also deeply integrated, with each role contributing to a unified goal: to enhance healthcare delivery and make a lasting impact on the community. This approach exemplifies our commitment to not just meeting but exceeding the needs of healthcare organizations, showcasing our capacity to adapt, innovate, and lead in healthcare marketing.


outcomes & impact

Social Media and Digital Presence:
In 2023, HealthFirst Bluegrass's social media initiatives led to a remarkable surge in engagement, with 519 clicks directed to the website from various posts. This represents a substantial increase of 548.75% compared to the 80 clicks recorded in 2022, underscoring the significant impact and effectiveness of the refined social media strategies employed by Sage Marketing.

  • Page engagement showed notable spikes, especially around significant announcements, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted content.
  • Top posts achieved substantial reach: new clinic announcements reached 3,690 users; community health center funding campaigns reached 2,831 users; general healthcare promotions reached 1,714 users.
  • The social media strategy resulted in a 4.5% increase in page fans and followers, from 1.3K to 1.4K, and a 77% decrease in negative feedback, illustrating improved audience sentiment.
  • Page impressions skyrocketed by 637%, from 1.3K to 9.9K, indicating a significantly higher visibility and community engagement in 2023 compared to 2022.

Brand Consistency and Graphic Design:

  • Efforts in 2023 focused on establishing a consistent brand identity across various materials, including business cards, flyers, brochures, and social media graphics.
  • The design team ensured that all materials aligned harmoniously with HealthFirst Bluegrass's visual identity, reinforcing brand recognition and trust within the community.
  • Strategic design choices, aimed at resonating with the target audience, enhanced the overall brand narrative and strengthened HealthFirst Bluegrass's market presence.

Website Optimization and User Experience:

  • Transitioning hosting to WPEngine and implementing content updates improved site performance and user engagement.
  • The website’s core vitals passed assessments crucial for SEO performance and Google rankings, with a content score initially of 65 out of 100, now increased to a 98 of 100.
  • Recommendations for optimization included combining static assets and optimizing image delivery, contributing to an enhanced user experience and better content effectiveness.

Photography and Visual Storytelling:
Before our partnership, HealthFirst Bluegrass's brand imagery was almost nonexistent, limiting their storytelling potential. Sage Marketing's brand photography initiative has revolutionized this aspect, creating a rich visual narrative that showcases the diversity of HealthFirst Bluegrass’s services and the spirit of their team.

This strategic shift has produced high-quality images that accurately reflect the organization's values and effectively communicate the impact of its services. These visuals have significantly enhanced HealthFirst Bluegrass's brand identity, fostering a deeper connection with their audience and elevating their community presence.

  • A comprehensive brand photography initiative captured the essence of HealthFirst Bluegrass’s diverse services and team dynamics.
  • High-quality, relevant images showcased the collaborative spirit and impact of services, amplifying the effectiveness of visual communications and reinforcing the brand identity.

Advocacy and Community Outreach:

  • The #HealthFirstAdvocates campaign significantly amplified online visibility with a fully organic Facebook activation reaching 3,337 people, marking a 2,124.67% increase.
  • Advocacy actions, such as 158 clicks to legislators' contact forms, underscored the community’s engagement and commitment to healthcare advocacy.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEI&B):

  • Graphic Design: We develop visual content that reflects the diversity of the community HealthFirst serves, ensuring all marketing materials represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds, ages, and abilities. This approach helps in making every community member feel seen and valued.
  • Weekly Email Newsletters: Our newsletters are tailored to address diverse audiences, featuring inclusive language and content that highlights various cultural observances, health equity topics, and DEI&B initiatives. These communications are designed to educate, inform, and foster a sense of community among all recipients.
  • Social Media Marketing: We implement inclusive social media strategies by curating content that resonates with diverse audience segments. This includes posts that celebrate cultural diversity, address health disparities, and encourage community engagement, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive online presence.

recommendations for prospective clients

The partnership between Sage Marketing and HealthFirst Bluegrass stands as a shining example of how innovative marketing strategies can revolutionize healthcare delivery and community engagement

At Sage Marketing, we don't just apply generic solutions; we delve deep into the unique challenges and opportunities of each client, crafting bespoke strategies that resonate with their specific audience and objectives. Our work with HealthFirst Bluegrass is a beacon for what's possible when creativity meets commitment, highlighting our role not merely as consultants but as catalysts for change.

Let us help you navigate the complexities of marketing, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and community impact. Together, we can set new standards for accessibility, ensuring your services or products reach and resonate with all segments of your community.