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Project Brief & Goals

Astral Services is a wholesale retailer who support clients in the fitness industry like Pure Barre. With COVID leaving a lot of businesses in the industry needing to get creative, Astral Services came up with an offering to support online retail sales to help boost studios' revenue. They came to Sage Marketing for a variety of marketing and branding needs like web design, graphic design, branding, custom email templates, a sales landing and more. We brought in our Collective Partner, Birch and Lime, to implement branding, graphic and web design. We took all the branding information from the strategy session and took that to our branded photographer team, Creative Trek Branding, to cultivate photos Astral could use for web design, social media marketing, and more.  We have also supported them in social selling tactics - leading to thousands of dollars in sales (and multiple new clients) in less than 1 month of organic social media management activity alone.

Project Results

Thanks to our marketing and branding support for Astral, we were able to provide content for a national Pure Barre retail campaign (creating captions and graphics for franchise owners to implement for their studios). We also initiated #DarkSocialTactics & in ONE DAY’s worth of efforts we helped them secure $60,000 in sales (based on their customer life-time/average monthly revenue). We also grew their reach on Facebook by 430% and on Instagram by 231.5%.







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"We are an active client of Sage and have specifically worked with Julia to better utilize social media and email marketing for new client acquisition. Her deep knowledge of the social media platforms and social selling strategies paid immediate dividends."

Jeff Chochinov

Social Media

When the owners of Astral came to Sage Marketing, they were looking to boost their brand awareness and brand image online. We pulled in our photography partners for high-level photos for web & social media purposes, and then proceeded with social media efforts, growing their reach on Facebook by 430% and on Instagram by 231.5%. This led to tens of thousands of dollars in retail sales thanks to our social media campaigns - all within 3 months of support!