Great Bagel & Bakery Marketing

Marketing, Design, & Creative Direction:

Julia Blake

Chelsea Trosper

Logan Fox


  • social media marketing
  • website re-design
  • product labeling
  • SEO
  • PR
  • content creation
  • graphic design
  • event coordination
  • influencer marketing
  • campaign coordination
  • email marketing

In 2011, owners, Lara & Robert Swan, set out to create a space reflective of their core values: inclusiveness and warmth, sustainability as a lifestyle not a fad, and hard work and know-how being the only avenues to making food that we actually want to eat! In the land of fast-food giants, they moved forward and settled into their local niche to make bagels the old-fashioned way. All these years later, the hard work has proven itself undoubtedly worth it. Now, they boast two locations, they source & create flour the old fashioned way: from a 5th generation farm and using their in-house stone mill at their new Boston Road location.

Sage Marketing was brought in to assist with social media marketing, website re-design, and campaign coordinations after they completed a rebrand and were looking to expand into a second location. After being left with subpar branding from a large nationally known branding firm, we brought in Chelsea Trosper who worked hard to elevate their newly designed brand elements and create new graphic content for their products. Since we've partnered together with Great Bagel, we've since been behind social media campaigns that have more than tripled their metrics, product labeling for their bagels & business swag like t-shirts and mugs (via Logan Fox), a new website, re-vamped brand elements, and more.

2 sold out events

within first 2 weeks tickets went live.

1,100+ followers

on Instagram in less than 6 months!

$600 more in daily sales

at the new location after social event.

Product Labeling:

Great Bagel & Bakery needed labeling that matched the new branding they had done from a third party company. We brought in the pro, Chelsea Trosper, to slam dunk these graphic projects. Projects ranged from package stickers, napkin inserts, product labels, sandwich paper and more.

Great Bagel & Bakery

Website Re-design:

Great Bagel & Bakery unfortunately, suffered from a situation that MANY small businesses face: spending top dollar on a website they're not able to edit/update on their own; always being at the liberty of a web designer with high fees.

This led to them having an outdated and under supported site. We built them a high-functioning... and dare we say... sexier website to highlight their food, brand & online order platform.

We created a custom WordPress theme and designed the website to have a more on-brand look. We looked at enhancing Call To Action buttons to get more potential customers ordering online, placing catering orders, or lurking their food.

Influencer Marketing

When Great Bagel was looking to open their second location, they wanted to create some serious buzz around the opening. We looked to local food bloggers & influencers and held a pre-opening event to celebrate the new recipe, stone mill, & new faces.

Sage Marketing oversaw the influencer relationships - strategically inviting food/family-focused bloggers and influencers. We helped with decor - hiring local event designer for a balloon arch in brand colors and setting up the location. We helped owners stay organized day of and helped manage a tour of the new facilities.


The weekend following the event, Great Bagel's new location was sold out and owners reported seeing a lot of traffic in store along with a follower growth of 241 on Instagram and 184 on Facebook!

BL_2019_GreatBagel_ScavengerHunt_AMERICAN FRONT

Campaign Coordination

Great Bagel was looking for social and community campaigns that would create buzz around their new brand, bagels, flour and baked goods.

We helped with campaigns like a Great Bagel scavenger hunt that targeted University of Kentucky, Downtown Lexington, the Millpond Community, and Transylvania University. Graphics for scavenger hunt were created by Chelsea Trosper.

We also helped promote a Pancake Social event: highlighting Great Bagel's new pancake flour mix & menu offering. During the event, owners reported selling $600 more in their daily sales at the new Boston Road location.

We coordinated online campaigns like a North Lime Donut collaboration giveaway and a co-branded giveaway with The Nail Shop. These campaigns resulted in over 500 followers and a higher brand awareness within their target audience.

BL_2019_GreatBagel_ScavengerHunt_AMERICAN BACK
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When Great Bagel started with Sage, they had their Instagram account for 5 years and grossed less than 2,800 followers even after contracting with other local third party marketing businesses. Once they contracted with Sage, in 6 months, they grew to 3,990 followers - over 1,100 followers growth count. Their Facebook started with 2,651 and they now have 3,277 followers - an increase of 626 new people to market/sell to online in your target demographic!

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